Friday Sept 23

7:00 pm Central Time -
Jim Snipes "Experimental Religion"

Sabbath Sept 24

12:00 pm (noon) Central Time -
Jeffery Rivera "Sabbath Study"
12:30 pm
Nicholas Patula "Trusting Him"
(Listen to both messages)
(Last half of Nicholas Patula's msg)

3:30 pm Central Time
Robert Sessler "Let there be Light"

5:00 pm Central Time
Gary Cain  "To have Eternal Life"
(Second half, and "Testimonies")

Sunday Sept 25

1:00 pm Central Time
Gary Cain "God's interest in our Health"

4:00 pm Central Time
Nicholas Patula "11 signs of Antichrist"
(Due to bad weather, the Powerpoint Presentation was NOT recorded)


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